Sikhi and You – This Summer at Sidak - Sikh Research Institute

Sikhi and You – This Summer at Sidak

Few programs in the United States have become as popular as the Sidak Summer put on by Sikh Research Institute.� If you have ever sought to explore Sikhi through an immersion in instruction, discussion, and study apply for the Sidak Summer Program now!

The program runs for 2 weeks, from August 1-15, 2010 in San Antonio, TX.� 3 different tracks are available, custom for everybody�s previous knowledge levels: Introductory Sikhi 101, Advanced Sikhi 201, and Gurmukhi 101.� Learn more about each program at the Sidak website.� This summer see where Tvarikh (Revolution), Gurbani, and Rahit intersect to give us a Gurmat view.� Apply now!

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