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Sidak 2016

Sidak 2016 will be held from July 24 – August 6, 2016 at the Khalsa Centre in British Columbia.

There are three tracks and sessions on leadership development and community building, which serve as key foundations for Sidak. These tracks and sessions are facilitated by SikhRI team members, borrowed from both the staff and the board. Each facilitator brings his or her own experiences, education and passions to the classroom sessions. The bonds that Sidakers form with their instructors and other students will inspire them towards education and activism long after the program ends. This unique learning opportunity will help young adults discover their inner-self, build stronger relationships, and infuse the Sikh spirit in future goals and successes.

What is Sidak?

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Gurū Granth Sāhib Its Language & Grammar

The Gurū Granth Sāhib plays a crucial role in the life of a Sikh. Every Sikh yearns to engage with it at some level and benefit from its overarching Divine wisdom. While there are any works available to engage the Pañjābī-speaking audience, there is a void in the English language for such a resource. This textbook is intended for use by an English-speaking audience, especially the diasporic communities, treating Gurbāṇī as a foreign language. The lessons are appropriate for beginners to intermediate-level learners, who wish to develop a better understanding of the Gurū Granth Sāhib. By the end, readers should find it helpful in interpreting Gurbāṇī independently to enhance their understanding of Gurmat (Gurū’s wisdom).
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Gurbāṇī Language & Grammar (e-Workbook)

This workbook is an attempt to provide students of Gurbāṇī with an opportunity to apply their understanding of the language, grammar and theological principles of the Gurū Granth Sāhib via a series of quizzes and exercises.

It arose from the need of readers of the textbook Gurū Granth Sāhib – Its language and Grammar to practice specific Gurbāṇī skills acquired through it, as well as to provide as opportunity to further consolidate their knowledge of the vocabulary, principles and ideas contained in Gurbāṇī at large.
The workbook has thirty-six lessons, directly corresponding to the textbook. Each lesson is divided into two parts, a quiz and an exercise.

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SikhRI Booklet: Sikhi Faith & Followers

SikhFaithAndFollwers Intended for broader audience. The booklet traces the roots and history of the faith explaining the conditions under which Sikh arose, Sikh articles of faith, the Sikh world view, Guru, and the formation of the Khalsa.
The booklet also covers Sikhs in the Panjab and the Diaspora, the institution of the gurduara, and the impact Sikhs have had on global society and culture through their unique lifestyle and belief system.
This unique learning opportunity will help young adults discover their inner-self, build stronger relationships, and infuse the Sikh spirit in future goals and successes.

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Thank You, Vahiguru

Sidak 2015 “Mommy, can I hold my baby sister,” begins this loving, reassuring look at siblinghood from trusted author Inni Kaur. Told through the eyes of a mother, this simple bilingual story lays out all the good things about being an older sibling, and reminds new siblings that they are just as special as ever. The readers are also introduced to the Sikh naming ceremony.

Thank You, Vahiguru’s comforting words and warm illustrations, will give the reader a glimpse into Sikh family life and culture. The Panjabi within these pages is a fun way to teach children to read the Gurmukhi script.

A bilingual book for children of all ages.
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Kultar's Mime

Kultar's Mime

“The Sikh Research Institute is excited to launch the play Kultar’s Mime to facilitate conversation on 1984 among masses to invoke Guru Nanak’s sensitivity to suffering, especially in genocidal campaigns,” says Harinder Singh, SikhRI’s CEO. Envisioned and produced by playwrights Sarbpreet Singh and J. Mehr Kaur, the play is being staged in Boston on 28 September 2014.

Kultar’s Mime, the play, synthesizes the sufferings of innocent victims of organized violence, separated by thousands of miles, numerous years and insurmountable differences of religion, language and culture. Drawing upon the raw imagery of both poems, it tells a story of human suffering and courage, reminding us that in the end all innocent victims are the same, regardless of which God they worship and what tongues they speak.
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Gurduara Governence

Gurduara Governance
A one day training session aimed at current and prospective Gurduara boards, management, and decision makers. The Program training offers to make Gurduara board individuals fully informed of their Panthak and legal responsibilities.
The purpose of the program is to develop effective Gurduara boards by empowering its members to govern the Gurduara in accordance with Gurmat (Guru’s Wisdom) principles, to be in compliance with legal standards, and follow the best practices guidelines for non-profits and charities.

With this program SikhRI hopes to turn a new chapter in Gurduara Governance across North America and possibly globally in the future.

Host an event with SikhRI

SikhRI has the skills and the resources to research and deliver a lecture, workshop, or presentation on various facets of the Sikhs, the Panjab, and the South Asia. It may include religion, culture, politics, linguistics, leadership, and development.

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Saneha - Engaging With 1984

Over the next few months, the global Sikh community will begin to commemorate thirty years since the genocidal campaigns of June and November 1984 which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Sikh men, woman and children throughout India. Dialogue and analysis will take place in gurdwaras, conferences, camps, university societies, homes and via social, electronic and print media.
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