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Guru Arjan Sahib: 'Sabad' to 'Kurbani'

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Surrey City Centre Public Library

Join Harinder Singh, Thinker, Educator & Activist and be enlightened about the life and legacy of Guru Arjan Sahib. This free workshop will focus on:-...

Liv: Money, Gender and Family Violence in the Australian Indian community

Saturday, June 16, 2018 EST

gotowebinar - Online

Register Here About the presentationThe presentation draws on a qualitative and comparative study of financial abuse among the Indian and Anglo-Celtic community in Australia. Drawing...

Sidak 2018

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley

Sidak is an intensive two - week educational experience that focuses on the Sikh way of living and outlines different aspects of the history and...

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History Culture May 03, 2018

Sikh Nation’s Sovereign: Jassa Singh Ahluvalia

On 3 May 1718, a leader of the Dal Khalsa was born who established an independent kingdom in the Panjab. In this era, every Sikh head had a bounty on it: hunt and kill! Jassa Singh Ahluvalia (popularly Ahluwalia) was...
Culture Home April 30, 2018

Guru Nanak & The Sidhas

Bhai Vir Singh’s book Guru Nanak Chamatkar continues to have a profound effect on me. Trans-creating the encounter of Guru Nanak Sahib with the Sidhas was an enriching experience.   Mount Kailash vibrates. Nanak, the Master has set foot. The...
History Culture March 14, 2018

Kant Maheli - The Fragrance of Bhai Vir Singh

The poem Kant Maheli of Bhai Vir Singh has been sitting on my desk for over two years. For some strange reason, I was fearful of it. I ignored the whispers that I kept hearing: “You need to read Kant...
Life Experience February 27, 2018

Preparing to Bloom

The Beginning I am a list person. A trait that is a direct byproduct of me also being a worry person. I still haven’t quite figured out if making lists helps ease my worries or if it further exacerbates them,...

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