April 11
6:30pm PST
Sikh Teenagers in America
Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast

April 12
6:30pm PST
Mape-Niane: Parenting in Sikhi
Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast

April 13
10:30am PST
Vaisakhi: Festival to Ideals
Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast

April 16
2:30pm to 3:50pm CST
Sikhi: Culture of Oneness
Dallas Christian College

July 27 - August 9
Sidak - Registration NOW OPEN!
Leadership Development Retreat 
Khalsa Centre
Mission, BC Canada

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Happy Vaisakhi! 

On behalf of the extended Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) family, we take this opportunity to greet the Sikh sangat, and Pañjābī world-wide.  Today we remember and commemorate the momentous inauguration of the Khalsa Panth, by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in 1699.


Save the dates for Sidak! 

We are moving our premiere leadership retreat to British Columbia in 2014! 
More details coming soon, but make sure you block out the dates now! 

SikhRI is hiring

Are you interested in joining a highly motivated team of hard-working passionate individuals, dedicated to our mission: "Providing educational resources to Sikhs to lead a Guru-inspired life." 

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Sikhi: Faith & Followers is a 32-page full-color richly illustrated booklet intended for a Non-Sikh audience. The booklet traces the roots and history of the faith explaining the conditions under which Sikh arose, Sikh articles of faith, the Sikh world view, Guru, and the formation of the Khalsa. 
The booklet also covers Sikhs in the Panjab and the Diaspora, the institution of the gurduara, and the impact Sikhs have had on global society and culture through their unique lifestyle and belief system.

Since August SikhRI has sold out nearly every single copy of the initial print-run of Sikhi: Faith and FollowersPre-orders for the second printing are critical and ensure you'll be at the top of the list when the second edition comes off the presses!

Pre-Order booklets for your community today!

Akbar visited Guru Amardas Sahib and offered a grant for langar (free community kitchen for all), which was politely refused by the latter.

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