“Sidak is a space
to think critically about
everything we do + about
the world around us, just as
the Gurus did. I appreciated
this approach to Sikhi that is
non-dogmatic, non-preachy,
and non judgmental. Sidak
could be seen as a training
ground for the 21st century
Sikh Revolution.”

    — Sundeep Singh,
         Brooklyn, NY

“From now on, I will
look at Gurbani with a
critical eye. I will strive to
understand Gurbani by
breaking apart sentences
and interpreting it in my own
words (not sikhi to the max).
Then I will think and evaluate
how I can apply the Gurbani
to my life.”
    — Gurneet Kaur Bawa,
         Potomac, MD

“This experience has
really changed me for the
better. I have learned so
much about myself and my
views on Sikhi. I’m taking
away a new me and a better
outcome on life and leading a
Guru-centered life.”
    — Harpreet Kaur,
         Litchfield, AZ

“The Sangat here
was simply inspirational,
very warm, welcoming and
generous. Sidak is one
big family.”
    —- Jay Singh,
          Mercer Island, WA

“Honestly, the best
retreat/camp I’ve been to.
Very open to questions, new
thinking and fun. I would love
to come back.”
    —- Gurminder Singh Mukker,
          London, UK

Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. This two-week intensive immersion in Sikh culture, language, values and community though understanding bānī (scripture), tvārīkh (history), and rahit (discipline), is held annually in the Hill Country of San Antonio, Texas.

Sessions on leadership development and community building also serve as key foundations for Sidak. These tracks are taught by staff members, like Harinder Singh, Jasmine Kaur, and Surenderpal Singh, as well as by board members who make the trip for Sidak, like Inderpreet Singh, IJ Singh and Kulvir Singh Gill. Each instructor brings his or her own experiences, education and passions to the classroom sessions, and sidakers find that the bonds they form with their instructors and other students will 
inspire them towards education and activism long after the program ends. Home cooking and the gorgeous, unique scenery enrich the experience.

This unique learning opportunity will help young adults discover your inner-self, build stronger relationships, and infuse the Sikh spirit in future goals and successes.

Sidak Courses
Three separate programs are offered simultaneously: one for first time participants, one for returning students, and a language program that is open for all students and adults. Sikhi 101 study an overview of Sikh history and theology through structured learning, while Sikhi 201 students delve deeper into the same subjects through a more rigorous exploration. The Language Program will focus solely on the composition, structure, and language of the Gurū Granth Sāhib.

Sikhī 101 - Introduction to Sikh history and theology 
• Gurū Granth Sāhib
• Gurū Khālsā Panth
• Bhāī Gurdās & Bhāī Nand Lāl
• Āsā kī Vār
• Contemporary History

Sikhī 201 - Religion & Revolution

• Sikh Rahit Maryādā
• Sikh Traditions & Ideology
• Interpreters of Sikh Thought
• Sikh Homeland & the Sikh Diaspora
• Sikh Ideology, Sovereignty & 1984
• Academic Debates

Gurmukhī 101 - Gurū Granth Sāhib: Its Language and Grammar
• Gurmukhī Pronunciation
• Vocabulary & Grammatical Patterns
• Writing, Comprehension & Language Systems
• Inscribed Elegance of Gurbānī
• Secondary Texts such as Gurbilās, Janamsākhīs, & Prakāsh


     Program Lead


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