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SikhRi – Second Quarter Community Update 2017.

Dear friends,

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ke Fatih!

July marks the beginning of the next quarter and sparks a reflection of the one past. What has SikhRI been up to?

First, Sidak. We’ve spent hours reviewing footage we’d filmed during last year’s program and produced a brief but dynamic testimonial video. Following its release, one of our supporters sponsored five students to attend Sidak 2017, for which we are immensely grateful. Now in its 15th year, Sidak will be held from July 23 to Aug 5 this summer. You can follow all the updates on our social media.


In May, we released our first children’s online course on Barah Maha, which provides an opportunity for kids to connect with Gurbani. The course exposes them to various Gurbani themes, new vocabulary and Sikh attitude towards nature, life and its real goals. It also encourages to reflect on and think about their own life and priorities. Register together with your kids today.


During our annual board retreat in Dallas this April, we’ve announced a few changes to the board, including the new Board Chair Jaswinder Singh Chadha. In his acceptance speech, Jaswinder said:

The inspiration, learning, and connection with Sabad that SikhRI enables is unique, powerful, and sorely needed. What SikhRI does is vital, and to be a part of it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To learn about all the other changes to the board, please take a look at our press release.

Our Sabad of the Week series are still going strong. You can find them by #sabadoftheweek on social media and in the Experience section of our website. Make sure to engage and let us know how you find them.



If you missed our latest webinar on The Sikhi, The Khalsa and the Sikhs, exploring the current alignment with the vision of Gurus, you can easily catch up on our website—we post every recording soon after it’s presented.


Lastly, I want to remind you of June, as in June 1984. This year, we’ve created beautiful, memorable and meaningful posters for us to remember that time. And we are sharing them with you for free, so you can download, remember and spread the message.


All our programs are very active, and we keep adding new initiatives on a regular basis. If you have any feedback or suggestions for our work, please feel free to reach out to me directly at I’m grateful for your support.

With love,

Inni Kaur

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