SikhRI publishes an online course on Japu Sahib - Sikh Research Institute

SikhRI publishes an online course on Japu Sahib

Bridgewater, NJ [March 29, 2019] – Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is announcing the release of a new online course on Japu Sahib, the opening Bani (revelation) of the Guru Granth Sahib.

The Sikh tradition considers Japu Sahib to be a fundamental pathway into the Guru Granth Sahib and its worldview. It’s essentially a firsthand witness account of Guru experiencing Truth, the eternal Divine reality, asking the question of how does one become truthful?

Japu Sahib is important to the Sikh tradition for many reasons. It’s central to a Sikh’s daily recital and reflection, being a part of the ceremony of khande-ki-pahul (Khalsa initiation ceremony). Besides, it’s also mentioned in every major rahitnama (documents recording Sikh code of conduct) that prescribes daily Sikh routine.

The Bani’s meaning is deep, continually speaking to the metaphysical, even as it communicates at a physical plane. Its multilayered message traverses between the human intellect and consciousness, and at times seems to go beyond, into a world not possibly experienced by human faculties.



Ascribed to Guru Nanak Sahib, Japu Sahib is one of the longer Banis comprising of 38 pauris (poetry in verse) and two saloks (a poetic form), uttered in no particular rag (musical measure).

Over the past centuries, many have tried to unravel the meaning of Japu Sahib in a way that’s accessible to all. More than 70 Japu Sahib commentaries can be traced today, and many are still unknown, trying to highlight the significance of the Bani.

As we celebrate 550 years of Guru Nanak Sahib’s arrival, we dedicate 2019 to Guru Nanak Sahib’s Banis. Japu Sahib is our first humble attempt at revisiting the Guru’s message. Every week, we’ll release five pauris, and everyone is welcome to follow along.

The registration for Japu Sahib is now open, and just like all online courses on the SikhRI platform since last November, it’s completely free for all.


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