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Seva – New Gurmat Educational Unit

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Sikh Research Institute is launching a new Gurmat educational unit on Seva. Being the result of continuously working towards adding more Gurmat resources to SikhRI’s curriculum, Seva was created to bring the young audience closer to reaching a Guru-inspired life.

The unit, packed with exciting lessons, will take students on a journey of exploration of the concept of Seva in light of Gurbani–Wisdom, Tavarikh–History, and Rahit–Lifestyle. SikhRI’s Seva lessons are created to be used equally at home, Sikh camps, or Gurmat and Panjabi schools.

The Seva educational unit consists of five lessons and can be taught to children of five years and above, providing them with a deeper understanding of the Divine. Families beginning their Seva journey can involve their neighbors and even a larger community along the way.

Gurmat and Panjabi schools can also use the educational unit to look at Seva as something beyond the internal community and showcase the “sevadars amongst them.”

Each Seva lesson is designed for 1–5 days of learning and will produce an impact that lasts a lifetime. The new SikhRI unit can be used to guide yourself to a deeper understanding of Seva as well as teach your kids and help them develop Seva goals. What’s more, sharing your Seva inspiration with the larger community will help move Sikh education forward.

SikhRI Gurmat educational unit on Seva has been made available in memory of Sardar Harchand Singh and Sardarni Jagir Kaur, and is available today free on the SikhRI website.

For any questions regarding the Seva educational unit, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jasmine Kaur at



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