SikhRI releases a new report on Akal Takht Sahib - Sikh Research Institute

SikhRI releases a new report on Akal Takht Sahib

Bridgewater, NJ [March 28, 2019] – Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is pleased to announce it has just released its fourth report in the State of the Panth series, exploring the role and function of Akal Takht Sahib for the global Sikh collective.

Titled Akal Takht Sahib: Timeless Sovereign Throne, the new report poses critical questions regarding the standing of Akal Takht Sahib as the central institution to the Panth (Sikh collective). To support the argument, the research uses the prisms of Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle).

Sikhs in the homeland and the diaspora are struggling to figure out how to engage with Akal Takht Sahib, which has so much history, reverence, and significance for the Panth. This report has brilliantly laid out the importance of this institution and listed specific actionable goals that each Sikh individually and the Sikh collective organizationally can strive to achieve to bring back the glory and authority of the Akal Takhat Sahib.

— Inderpreet Singh, SikhRI Board Member


In addition, SikhRI has conducted a global survey of 1,237 self-identified Sikhs from 27 countries, inquiring about their perspective on the importance of Akal Takht Sahib. The results showed both a slight disagreement about the institution’s role today and full consensus over what it should become — a role model for governance not only for the Sikhs in India but also globally.

Institutions must recognize that the throne of the Khalsa sits with Akal Purakh and does not become tainted due to the current political landscape.

— Akal Takht Sahib: Timeless Sovereign Throne, p.21



The report is then concluded with a list of recommendations, both on the individual and institutional levels, giving actionable insights to those willing to see a strong and independent Akal Takht Sahib.

Download Akal Takht Sahib: Timeless Sovereign Throne today from for free. A full set of raw data for academics and rigorous readers is also available as a separate document.


If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding the report or the
State of the Panth series, please reach out to Jasleen Kaur at




About State of the Panth

The State of the Panth series is a report on Sikh matters presented by the Sikh Research Institute to the global Sikh community. The series reports on matters affecting either a large section of the Sikh Nation or a perspective on critical issues facing the human race at large. It surveys the self-identified Sikhs on their stances. It outlines a Sikh perspective based on Gurmat (the Guru’s Way) traditions of Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). It outlines recommendations for the individual Sikhs and Sikh institutions in best practice approach to strengthen the bonds within the community.

About Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI)

The Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to connect people with the teachings of Sikhi, and make them accessible and easy to digest, for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. By offering courses and seminars in a variety of mediums, SikhRI serves to strengthen the bonds of the Sikh community around the world.

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