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SikhRi – Third Quarter Community Update 2017.

Dear friends,

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ke Fatih!

At SikhRI, we are embracing fall, already thinking about the year to come, and evaluating our performance in the quarter past. What have we accomplished?

After months of research and preparation, we are launching a new series that reports on matters affecting a large section of the Sikh Nation called State of the Panth. The series begins with a report exploring the varying understandings of Sikh identity titled Who is a Sikh? which will be available on our website next week.


In September, we’ve launched our 
Sabad Kirtan video series as a prelude to the Introduction to Sabad Kirtan online course that is going to be released in December. I’m grateful to every one of you who took the time to give us feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive:

“This series enraptured me.”

“What amazing individuals chosen by SikhRI for this series!”

“Learnt so much.”

“You guys just raised the bar.”

In case you have missed the series, I would highly encourage you to watch it.



Growing our online platform, we’ve also published a new online course exploring the bani of Sidh Gosti. The bani details Guru Nanak Sahib’s encounters with the Sidhs and the ensuing dialogue regarding yog: its outlook, lifestyle and the Sikh take on it.



In August, we’ve published our Fundamental video series touching on the essential notions of Sikhi that are necessary for understanding deeper nuances later on. We were humbled by the support we received so far — you can catch up on the series on our YouTube channel.



Our flagship program, Sidak 2017 that wrapped up in early August has been our largest Sidak to date, with participants from across North America, India, and the UK. This year we focused on the guided opportunity to connect to Sabad — the need of the hour. For when we are connected with Sabad, we can work on resolving Panthic issues, leveraging our diverse perspectives.

"I liked the history classes and Divan a lot. They provided context and inspired me to read more Gurbani and start reflecting on Sabad and Hukam.”

– Vijit Singh, Sidak 2017 participant



Amardeep Kaur Amar, a returning Sidaker, also wrote a beautiful blog post that accurately highlights the flavor of learning that takes place at Sidak.



In the past months, SikhRI was happy to welcome three new members to our team: Prof. Harbhajan Singh, an exponent of Pakhawaj and Tabla, and Senior Research Fellow for the Sabad Kirtan Musical Heritage program; Parveen Kaur, a UBC student of Masters of Data Science Program and Research Assistant with SikhRI; and Jasleen Kaur, a double UVA grad in Religious Studies focusing on South Asian Religions through the lens of literature and poetry, and Research Assistant with SikhRI as well.

As you can see, SikhRI is growing — in fact, during the months of September and October, we are organizing 15 events across North America. We are well on our way to making SikhRI the oasis of Sikh learning.

But none of this would be possible without you, because it is your dasvandh that enables us to spread the fragrance of Sikhi. I kindly ask you to consider contributing to SikhRI so that we may continue to serve the Guru-Panth.


For any feedback or suggestions, you can reach me directly at I’m grateful for your support.

With love,

Inni Kaur


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