“I am very impressed
with the level of knowledge,
confidence, and competence
of the speakers. It was
apparent that the curriculum
was thoughtful, researched
and realistic. Schools long for
consistency in their classrooms
and this program will allow for
this consistency from classroom
to classroom. I am excited to
promote pertinent topics and
discussions with our future
leaders. I would be confident
in sharing the significance of
impact that a program as such
can have on all those that are
privileged enough to interact
with this curriculum.”

    — Gursharan Kaur Rahal,
         Kingsburg, CA

“I loved this program. It
was a great eye-opener. These
are the things we think about
but fail to implement. I really
wish and hope we have more of
these kinds of programs in the
near future. I would definitely
recommend it to others. Impact
on me definitely put me in a
thinking mode. May Waheguru
Jee Bless you all for this
awesome SEVA.”

    — Noni M. Bawa,
         Sterling, VA

“I highly recommend your
program to all Sikh schools
who may be considering giving
more structure to their program.
This program empowers the
educators who may not be in
teaching industry in the USA by
giving the right tools to engage
the children at the same time
this program covers the multiple
facets of Sikh education that
must be addressed.”

    — Gurmeet Kaur Bhatia,
         Atlanta, GA

Sojhi: Gurmat & Panjabi Education Resource
SikhRI offers a comprehensive Gurmat based curriculum called Sojhi. In the Panjabi language ‘Sojhi’ means ‘insight’. The Curriculum is oriented around the goal of developing insights to inspire a Gurū-centered life.

Gurmat and Panjabi schools across the globe are used as a means to impart Sikh spirit, principles, values, and history to the youth. While volunteers at these school do their best, is a gap between each school knowing what to teach and taking it to the next level of engaging children and developing higher- order thinking skills.

SikhRI offers a strategic solution to this key challenge through Sojhi curriculum. Developed by Jasmine Kaur and Harliv Kaur, the content was then reviewed extensively by educators, child development specialists, and experts and scholars in the subject matter covered by the curriculum. These reviewersinclude: Harinder Singh, Inderpreet Singh, Simran Jeet Singh, Harpreet Singh, Isha Kaur Singh, Navjot Singh, Carol Wright-Smith and Tejwant Kaur Chana.

Sojhi Online

In the summer of 2013, Sikh Research Institute's board and education team was please to release the first phase of Sojhi Online. By September the second phase was also publicly available. Sojhi Online makes Sojhi lesson plans and printable resources for complete grade packages of Boli (Language Arts) and Virsa (Sikh History) available for free download by educators and parents around the world. In preparation for the online release, the lesson plans were updated for 2013 and re-edited by the education team. Individual lesson plans can also be downloaded. Currently Boli and Virsa lesson plans for Kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade are available on the site: www.sikheducatorsnetwork.org
Plans to release the third phase of Sojhi Online for grades 6-8 are in the works. SikhRI welcomes feedback, comments, and suggestions on Sojhi curriculum. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring a phase of Sojhi online lesson plan releases, please contact the Sojhi team for more details. 

The Sojhi Solution
•   Improving the effectiveness of Sikh educations
•   Offering high standards of learning
•   Relevant course material for students
•   Developmentally appropriate learning activities
•   Consistent syllabi and teaching for instructors
•   Instructors training in content and teaching mechanism

Teacher Training
Training Information
•   Full day training session for teachers of Gurmat and Pañjābī Schools
•   Perfect for administrators, teachers, substitute teachers from local area
•   Two Sojhī trainers attend each session

Scope of Training
Teacher Preparedness
•   Gain skills to use in your classroom
•   Participate in role-playing scenarios
•   Set a stage for peer support
•   Develop skills for open-communication with your administration

Instructional Content
•   Understand what you are teaching
•   Discover ways to use research material accurately
•   Enhance your knowledge base on content
•   Clarify subject matter misconceptions

Session Details
•   Timings: 8:30am- 6:00pm (Saturday or Sunday)
•   Light Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks will be served

Sojhī Needs
•   Local Host to sponsor training, location and meals
•   Participants from regional schools

For more information, please contact us at 210.757.4555,
or email to sojhi@sikhri.org

Package Information
•   2 Folders: Bolī, and Virsā
•   2 CDs: Audio and Printable Resources
•   Detailed lesson plans for Grade 6 to Grade 8
•   Information on Middle School child development
•   Designed and Developed by experts in Education,
    Child Development, Sikh Research




     Program Lead

     Jasmine Kaur

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