April 2014

April 11
6:30pm PST
Sikh Teenagers in America
Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast

April 12
6:30pm PST
Mape-Niane: Parenting in Sikhi
Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast

April 13
10:30am PST
Vaisakhi: Festival to Ideals
Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast

April 16
2:30pm to 3:50pm CST
Sikhi: Culture of Oneness
Dallas Christian College

July 2014

July 27 - August 9
Sidak - Registration NOW OPEN!
Leadership Development Retreat 
Khalsa Centre
Mission, BC Canada


Faith.  Courage. 

The Sikh Research Institute offers Sidak, a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. A two week intensive immersion in Sikh culture, language, values and community though understanding bānī (scripture), tvārīkh (history), and rahit (discipline), held annually in San Antonio, Texas.



Becoming Guru-Centered

Saneha is a series of lectures, presentations, and workshops that are delivered as personal and/or community development sessions. Sessions are developed with the aim of fostering Sikh values based on Gurmat traditions of Sikh scripture, history, and discipline. Other universal principles that resonant with the message of the Sikh faith are also incorporated to achieve a more holistic approach. Each Saneha workshop provides an opportunity for participants to ask questions and arrive at answers through discussion and interpretation.



Becoming One Spirit
The Grihast Retreat is a 3-day event for young married couples to strengthen their values in marriage and family relationships. Grihast incorporates diverse themes that are at the foundation of a married life. New perspectives provide insights on building meaningful relationships while workshops and discussions offer a glimpse of the Guru’s vision and ideals on marriage.



Wisdom, History, Lifestyle
The purpose of Mahima is to empower local sangats effectively with new ideas and perspectives that may help them make an informed decision on issues that they face on regular basis in their personal or community lives. Through short sessions ranging from a session lasting an hour to two, to a full-day or weekend workshop, Mahima brings information and clarity on a wide range of topics to benefit the audience. 



Awareness. Reflection. Absorption.
Liv enables participants from around the globe to connect with the Sikh Research Institute online and take part in our specially created webinars from the comfort of their own PC. Interactive sessions covering themes such as Sikh history, gurmat traditions, social activism and human rights are covered by well known presenters with expertise in their respective areas.


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