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The Sikh Revolution by Jagjit Singh – Thursday Thoughts 2020

In the Sikh Revolution, Jagjit Singh gloriously places the mission of the Sikh Gurus on the world stage. Drawing from Weberian analysis, Jagjit Singh, for the first time in the English language, masterfully accesses the Sikh oral and textual traditions in a broad defining thesis. His approach and interpretations provide a lucid and well-structured argument that sheds light on many of the Sikhs’ practices and beliefs and provides the historical and social backdrop that gave rise to the Sikh revolution.

Jagjit Singh (1904 - 1997) was a prominent Sikh scholar of the twentieth century. After graduation, Singh began his teaching career as a Lecturer at Sikh National College, Lahore. With the advent of the Indian struggle for freedom, he aligned himself with the Gaddar movement. His spiritual and political mentors included Wasakha Singh and Sohan Singh Bhakna who encouraged him to write Gadar di Lahir (1956) – one of the most authentic and concise accounts of the American led movement for Indian freedom.

Jagjit Singh’s key writings include The Sikh Revolution (1981), Perspectives of Sikh Studies (1985), Zat Pat te Sikh (1986), In the Caravan of Revolutions (1988) and Dynamics of Sikh Revolution (1999).

Jagjit Singh held a B.S. in Chemistry from Khalsa College, Amritsar and a M.S. in Chemistry from Panjab University, Lahore. He co-founded the Institute of Sikh Studies to advocate sovereign Sikh perspectives in academia.

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