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Sikhs in Mainstream Media

About the Presentation:
Sikhs have a small and extremely limited presence in the mainstream media. Even though the Sikh community has been active in every walk of life - athletics, politics, scientists, writers, filmmakers, cartoonists etc our stories are often relegated to the "religious" section in the media.

In today's world media dictates the narrative and opinions. If we Sikhs don't tell our stories, nobody else will. Harleen, a documentary film maker talks about her projects, her journey and her challenges. She shares her vision of how Sikh stories can be better integrated with mainstream stories.

About the Presenter:
Harleen is an independent film maker and makes her movies under the banner Kaur Films. Prior to making films, she worked as a marketing professional, and launched various media campaigns for consumer product brands.

Born and raised in India, Harleen now calls San Francisco bay area as her home. Here she devotes her time to various organizations including serving as a member of the jury for the United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF). Her other interests include photography and golf.

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