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From becoming a leader in your community to having harmonious relationships, to governing gurduaras—every program we devise is an immersive way to deepen your understanding of Sikhi.

Grihast: Becoming One Spirit

Grihast offers a contemplative and reflective environment to work on personal development through various activities, educational presentations, and group discussions. Topics range from fostering deeper relationships with family to management skills and improving communication techniques.

Parents Workshop

Parents and adult caregivers will explore exercises they can do with their child to bring Gurbani alive.

Lav - Online Course

Revealed by Guru Ramdas Sahib in rag Suhi, the Bani of Lav is mostly known and associated with the ceremony of marriage. The Bani itself is rarely read and interpreted independently; most often than not we usually look for directions...

Barah Maha - Online Course

Barah Maha is Sikh Research Institute’s (SikhRI) first children’s online course. Barah Maha is a folk poetry style that expresses the emotions and yearnings of the human heart in terms of the changing seasons of Nature with each particular month...

Liv: Interactive Webinars

Liv enables participants from around the globe to connect with SikhRI online by attending webinars from the comfort of their home computer. Interactive sessions cover themes such as Sikh history, gurmat traditions, social activism and human rights.


Mahima is SikhRI’s “programming on demand” option. We will bring a session to your community to address a question, idea, principle, or concern that is particularly relevant to your Sangat’s curiosity or need.


Saneha is a series of lectures, presentations, and workshops that are delivered as personal and/or community development sessions. Session content is designed with the aim of fostering Sikh values based on Gurmat traditions of Sikh scripture, history, and discipline.


Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. This two-week intensive immersion into the Sikh culture, language, values and community is held annually in the summer.

Gurduara Governance

The purpose of the program is to develop effective Gurduara boards by empowering its members to govern the Gurduara in accordance with Gurmat (Guru’s Wisdom) principles, to be in compliance with legal standards, and follow the best practices guidelines for...

Kids & Teens

We have designed programs that engage children’s minds and bodies in their lessons, using props and tools, material from nature, and lots of exciting new words and ideas that will stay with the young students long after they have left...

Sabad Kirtan Musical Heritage

The mission is to share the message of Guru Granth Sahib using authentic musical signatures to inspire and engage next generation.

Sikhi & Acceptance

Sikhi & Acceptance offers a safe and open environment for the curious and open minded where all are welcome. Regardless of your ideologies, let’s have a conversation beyond labels.

Sojhi – Gurmat based curriculum

Sojhi Curriculum is oriented around the goal of developing insights to inspire a Gurū-centered life.

Sidh Gosti - Online Course

Revealed to Guru Nanak Sahib, the bani details his encounters with the Sidhs and the ensuing dialogue regarding yog: its outlook, lifestyle and the Sikh take on it. The course offers a detailed interpretation of the bani, including opinions of...

Virtual Leadership Summit: A Sidak Event

25 July, Saturday - 26 July, Sunday 2020

Divine Names - Online Course

The course “Divine Names” discusses 20 major titles appearing in the Guru Granth Sahib for the Divine Being. As the Gurbani reminds us that, “the tongue utters Your (Divine) many made names, but Nam, your Being is true and is...

Grammar of Gurbani - Online Course

The course offers unique opportunity to English-speaking adults in the diaspora to engage with the message of the Guru at a more personal level by developing language skills in Gurbani. With the help of this program participants should find it...

Mul Mantra - Online Course

This course offers an analysis of the Mul Mantra, the core of the Sikh ideology on which the entire edifice of Gurmat framework is based or founded on. Delivered online through our Sikhia platform, and taught by Surender Pal Singh....

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