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Misl Amrika: Role Sikh Americans Must Play


Who should attend?
Anyone who strongly feels for a change in the present centralized governance system of Sikhs and wishes to explore alternatives.

What is the presentation about?
Over the past century SGPC and ancillary institutions evolved in Punjab in response to sociopolitical needs and realities of the day. Times have changed and Sikhs now have a worldwide presence. We now need models of self-governance and accountability that successfully knit the Sikhs into a functioning whole that reflects our existence across the world. The question is: What model to 

create that remains true to our history and traditions while nurturing our existence in a complex global reality.

Who is the presenter?
I.J. Singh is a professor of Anatomical Sciences at NYU. He has authored four collections of essays on his journey as a Sikh in North America. He serves on the Boards of Sikh Research Institute, Sikh Review and United Sikhs. He has lectured extensively on interfaith issues and is a regular columnist on the online magazine Sikhchic.com.

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