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Guru Nanak Today

When Guru Nanak was born in 1469 the world was a tumultuous place. But really, how different are the issues faced by people then and now? What kind of progress has our society made? How would Guru Nanak be treated in 2013 by his disciples and the wider world? What would the Guru challenge today and how would he go about it?
Three graduates of Sidak 2013 come together to offer a global perspective on these questions.

Presented by Harsharan Kaur, Bhavraj Singh & Shamsher Singh

Harsharan Kaur is a student at the University of Manitoba in Canada. In June she was selected as one of Amnesty International's "Top-20 Canadians 25 & Under." She works for the RCMP as a 911 operator and is a long-time volunteer with SikhRI Canada.

Bhavraj Singh is a graduate of Simon Fraser University, and lives in Vancouver, BC. A Procurement and Marketing Professional, he works at a Point of Sale software company looking after their hardware line. Bhavraj loves to play competitive hockey.

Shamsher Singh is the spokesperson for the National Sikh Youth Federation, a UK-based think tank and educational charity. He has a Master’s degree in computer science from Kingston University and his interests include reading, poetry, films, and architecture.

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