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Guru Granth Universals: To Operationalize in North America

Sikhi or the Wisdom of Guru, Gurmat, would enlighten all corners of the world. Since the time of that prophecy the ethnic Sikh Diasporas have been taking roots outside Panjab successfully, especially in the West, but the corresponding extent of Sikhi has not been experienced in the new lands. In contrast, the other world religions from the East like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sufi Islam are visibly beginning to make an impact on the West during the same period. Whatever impeded Sikhi from making similar inroads in the West is a challenge to our institutions. What will be discussed is as to how the world class scholars, sociologists and intellectuals may accept the challenge to freshly define Sikhi Universals for the new world. Those Sikhi Universals will be desired to be operationalized in the North American cultures. New emphasis will divert Sikh intellectual and institutional resources from a mode of policing the Sikh religiosity to highlighting the spiritual, socio-cultural and political human values that serve today’s civil societies.

Presented by Dr. Harbans Lal

Dr. Harbans Lal, retired as Chairman, Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience, U. of North Texas Health Science Center.
Affectionately known as "Bhai Sahib," he is actively engaged in Sikh scholarly activities and activism. His articles appear in Sikh journals and as well as electronic media such as, and He is Ambassador of the Parliament of Religions, member of the Interfaith Council of the World Center for Thanksgiving, and adviser to the American Project on Religion and the News Media, THE SIKH TIMES, the Sikh Foundation, and the Sikh Review. In 1995, Guru Nanak Dev University awarded him the Degree of Doctor of Literature (honoris causa) in recognition of his contributions in Sikh Studies. On April 14, 1999, the Anandpur Sahib Foundation honored him with the Order of Nishan-e-Khalsa for “promoting the glory and pride of the Khalsa Panth”.

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