Experience Sikhi

Experience Sikhi

As a complement to our immersive programs, we produce a variety of materials, including podcasts, books, articles and videos to keep you engaged.

Switching on the Lights: Sidak

I was 17 when Prof Devidas Chatterjee opened up the world of poetry for me. Until then, I had studied English poetry for years, but it had yet to pierce my soul. It was still a chore, still no more...

Sidak 2013: Why I'll be There

Like many young Sikh-Canadians and Sikh-Americans, I've done the full circuit. I started as a kid at the Punjabi Sunday School, moved on to the day camps run by the gurdwaras during school holidays. Then, in university and after, I...

All Rivers Are Sacred

Liv Inni Kaur shares a saakhi from Journey With the Gurus Volume II. In "All Rivers are Sacred" we hear of Guruji's journey to Hardwar and his thoughtful conversations with the Pandits about their water rituals at the Ganga River....

SikhChic Series on Sidak 2013

Flying South: Sidak I The Anvil: Sidak II Going Places: Sidak III The Project: Sidak IV Nar Singhs: Community of Lions & Lionesses: Sidak V Mariachi: Sidak VI Flying High: Sidak VII Switching on the Lights: Sidak VIII

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