Daddy's Turban Book Launch

Daddy's Turban Book Launch

Join Inni Kaur, Painter, Author, & Artist as she launches her newest publication, Daddy’s Turban.

Daddy’s Turban takes us into the world of a little Sikh boy, Tegh, who is fascinated with the way his father wears his turban. Tegh wants to grow up quickly, while his father cherishes the innocence of his son. This is also a story of Sikh culture and a celebration of one of its most revered ceremonies – Dastar Bandi.

Book Readings:
11:10AM - 11:50AM: First Session
12:00PM - 12:40PM: Second Session

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About the author:

Inni Kaur serves as the CEO of Sikh Research Institute and is a passionate author, poet, story-teller and painter. She is the author of the children’s book series, Journey with the Gurus that is inspired by the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Sahib. Her other children’s books are Sakhi-Time with Nani ji and Thank-You, Vahiguru. To Inni, every single day is a celebration. While she writes anytime the spirit moves her to, she also thoroughly enjoys watching the clouds pass her by, taking long mindful walks to appreciate nature’s innate beauty, and painting abstract artwork. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.



Guru Nanak Mission Gurduara
138 Bauer Dr
Oakland, NJ 07436
United States
December 09, 2018 at 10:40am - 12pm

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