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Being and Becoming a Sikh


Explore the journey from being a Sikh by birth to being a Sikh by choice. Along the way, we will pause at major milestones in a Sikh's spiritual formation: starting with "Jigyasa" or Questing, leading to "Liv" or Absorption, to recognizing the true nature of "Haumai" and Hukam.

As we travel the Sikh "spiritscape" we will reflect on the Guru's toolbox for self-development. Using Guru Nanak's life as an example, we will try to understand how to live our lives in the present.

About the presenter: Ravinder Singh spent his formative years in Singapore and Delhi. He has worked with multinationals in Singapore, London and New York and currently works for a Financial Services company. His consuming passion is Sikhs and Sikhi -- in all flavors and dimensions. He is actively involved with the local Sangat in Columbus where he initiated a Gurbani Vicar group that has met weekly for over three years. He is also the founder/convener of the Talking Stick, a weekly online colloquium devoted to a dialogue around Gurbani that appears on the online magazine, Ravinder has served as acting Executive Director of SikhRI and is currently a member of SikhRI's Board of Directors.

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