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Applying Sikhi in Everyday Living

How to take the basic Sikh teachings and live them on a daily basis. Focusing on the teachings of the Guru's rather than interpretations of Sikhi from other individuals.

Presented by Harinder Singh

Harinder Singh - Inspired by 1Force -- Perfection that radiates Oneness -- Harinder is focused on education as a fulcrum for social change. He is an interdisciplinary researcher and global orator, passionately learning, analyzing and sharing intricacies of Sikh and Panjabi heritage. He delivers lectures at universities and interfaith conferences, interviews on TV & radio, and authors articles. He contextualizes contemporary realities of genocide, theology and linguistics to develop heritage and language curriculums, and has consulted on exhibitions and films. He worked as an Aerospace engineer before transitioning to 'human dynamics' from 'aerodynamics,' embarking on community development projects full-time in 1997, including grassroots work in Panjab for five years. He is a member of the Board of Directors for SikhRI Canada and co-founder of the Panjab Digital Library. He lives in New Jersey with his family.

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