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Young Minds: Sikh Global Leadership of the Future [Liv]

In the tradition of Guru-Chela, and as flag bearers of Guru Nanak’s message, Sikh’s have a moral obligation to propagate and spread the seeds of the universal paradigm of Oneness (IK Oankar) across political and cultural boundaries.

This LIV Webinar will aim to address the question: How do we apply Guru Nanak’s message globally?

The webinar will do so by first engaging the Sangat in an honest and collective introspection on the state of the panth with a view to understand what barriers - political, social and individual - stand in the way and prevent us from becoming foot soldiers in the army of Nanak.

The second part of the Webinar will share the outline of a project conceived by a group of Sikhs who believe that the best way spread the message of Guru Nanak is to become personifications of the Sikhi.

The project: “Young Minds: Sikh Global Leadership of the Future” is aimed at seeding young minds with the message of Sikhi, preparing the soil for global leadership of tomorrow. The Webinar will share specifics of the project and invite the Sangat to participate.

About the presenter?
Ravinder Singh spent his formative years in Singapore and Delhi. Ravinder’s professional expertise includes leading technical and business consulting engagements. His consuming passion is Sikhs and Sikhi – in all flavors and dimensions.
He is also the founder/convener of the Talking Stick, a weekly online colloquium devoted to a dialogue around Gurbani that appears on the online magazine,

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October 15, 2016 at 12pm - 1:30pm EST

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