With Whom Does my Allegiance Lie

With Whom Does my Allegiance Lie

Everyone says they are panthak or panthic (committed towards the betterment of the Panth) while the allegiance is varying. The presentation will include: 

    • Guiding Principle form Gurbani
    • Panthak Mind & Cordialness
    • Exploring Criterion in History
    • Understanding State Roles
    • Lessons for Today


Harinder Singh is the co-founder and the Chief Programming Officer of the Sikh Research Institute. He addresses Sikh, Panjabi, and South Asian concerns globally. He serves on the boards of the Sikh Scholarship Foundation, Panjab Digital Library and the United Communities of San Antonio.


Anyone who feels and thinks weak personal and intra-Sikh organizational (jathebandi) relationship is among the most critical challenges facing the Sikh Nation should listen to this webinar.


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