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Why I Continue to Fight

We talk about understanding what it takes to spearhead long and tortuous legal crusade to gain justice for the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms and fight political leaders despite the government cover-up.

Harvinder Singh Phoolka discusses his journey:

  • How I Got Involved?
  • Understating the Issues
  • Role of Civil Society
  • Part III: Update on Pending Case
  • What Can You Do?

Presented by Harvinder Singh Phoolka

H. S. Phoolka is a senior advocate, Human Rights activist, and author. He received threatening letters for unearthing involvements of ruling political party leaders in what the Asian Age called "the Mother of all Cover-ups" in a front-page story. The special anniversary edition of the Outlook magazine included Mr. Phoolka in its list of 50 people that made a difference in India, alongside Amartya Sen and Abhinav Ghosh.

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