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When will Sikhs have their #MeToo movement?

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In 2006, Tarana Burke founded the me too. movement to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of color from low-income communities find the language to talk about their experiences, build systems of support, start conversations, and put themselves on pathways of healing. October 2017 saw #MeToo grow into an international movement, after going viral on social media as a hashtag used to break the silence that empowers perpetrators and to illustrate the prevalence of sexual assault, harassment, and gender-based violence around the world. During this webinar, we hope to explore the question “What would it take for the #metoo movement to happen in the Sikh community? What could our #metoo movement look like?” And what are the unique challenges our community must overcome in order to get there?

Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur is a 2017 Sidak Alum. She first became heavily engaged in conversations on gender disparities during her time at UC Berkeley where she and her college friends became co-founders of an initiative called Kaur Voices -- an event dedicated to giving space to the voices of Punjabi women through art, poetry, and performance. Gurleen has been a community educator on topics such as healthy masculinities and relations for organizations including the Jakara Movement, the Sikh Family Center, SAANJH, the Sikh Coalition and more. She recently graduated with her Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus on gender violence prevention. Gurleen is currently an Education and Prevention Specialist with the Violence, Prevention, and Response team at MIT.

Jasleen Kaur
Jasleen is a double UVA grad in Religious Studies, focusing on South Asian Religions and the conception of religious identity through the lens of literature and poetry. She is currently working as a Researcher with SikhRI, and took part in the design and delivery of Naujavan Sojhi, a course for Sikh teenagers. She is passionate about projects that create comfortable space

November 03, 2018 at 12pm - 1:30pm EST

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