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Virtual Crevices: Sikh Diaspora and Cyber-Commemoration


In the almost 30 years since the violent anti-Sikh attacks of 1984, dominant memories of the events have been colored by the Indian state, Indian mass media, and counter-state voices of militant Sikhs. But how can we examine narratives that fall outside these ways of remembrance?

Using text and images from a selection of Sikh websites this webinar will examine present-day virtual or online memory work on 1984 as significantly different from dominant memories put out by both the Indian state and violent, militant discourse. Calling current cyber-commemoration “crevices in dominant memories,” we will ask: What are some other ways to remember 1984 and how do they come across in virtual spaces?

About the Presenter: Shruti Devgan is a doctoral candidate in sociology at Rutgers University where she also teaches independent courses. She is currently working on her dissertation entitled, “Porous Pasts: Social-Digital Memories of Collective Trauma and Transnational Sikhs.” Shruti completed M.A. and M.Phil. from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi before moving to the US to pursue her doctoral studies. She has begun publishing her dissertation research in academic journals and her papers on Sikh diasporic identity have won awards from UC Berkeley and the South Asian Studies Program at Rutgers.

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