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Vaisakhi - Father, Mother and Siblings - The Journey of the Sovereigns


About the Presentation:
In 1469 the Sun and Lion manifest on this earth to illuminate the inherent presence of Divine in all hearts and minds. It then took 230 years to inaugurate the community of pure-sovereigns that dedicated themselves to these ideals. The ceremony of initiation into this order of the Khalsa was first conducted in a dramatic manner by the Tenth Father (Dasam Pita) in 1699. This webinar will explore the significance of Vaisakhi through the infrequently discussed yet profound significance of the adding of sweets by the Soveriegn Mother (Mata Sahib Kaur) as well as the backgrounds and dedication of the first Five Lovers (Panj Piare). We will also discuss various ways in which we can pay homage to their contributions and propagate the values they manifest in the way they lived and died.

About the Presenter:
Inderpreet Singh is a technology professional focusing on networking, security and solution architecture . He is currently a Principal Solutions Architect working for a technology firm focusing on modernization of DMV systems and applications. His passion is Sikhi and Sikh community related community projects and he is heavily involved with Sikh youth camps, retreats and conferences, where he conducts seminars, lectures and interactive workshops on Gurmat-related topics. Inderpreet has frequently spoken at Interfaith conferences and events. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Sikh Research Institute and a Board of Advisor for the Sikh Coalition. Inderpreet grew up in India, Canada, Japan and the US and now he continues to grow in Chelmsford, MA.

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