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Today’s Hukam, Darbar Sahib

Fourth Sovereign, Rag Suhi, Chant, First House Ang. 773

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
If only I could meet the True Guru, the Primal Being. Discarding my faults and sins, I would chant the Divine’s Glorious Praises.
I meditate on Nam. Continuously, continually, I chant Guru’s Bani. Gurbani always seems so sweet; I have eradicated the sins from within. The disease of egotism is gone, fear has left, and I am absorbed in celestial peace. Through Shbad, the bed of my body has become cozy and beautiful, and I enjoy the essence of spiritual wisdom. Night and day, I continually enjoy peace and pleasure. O Nanak, this is my pre-ordained destiny. ||1||

The soul-bride is lovingly embellished with truth and contentment; her Father, the Guru, has come to engage her in marriage to her Husband Lord.

Joining with the humble Saints, I sing Gurbani. Singing the Guru’s Bani, I have obtained the supreme status; meeting with the Saints, the self-elect, I am blessed and adorned. Anger and attachment have left my body and run away; I have eradicated hypocrisy and doubt. The pain of egotism is gone, and I have found peace; my body has become healthy and free of disease. By Guru’s Grace, O Nanak, I have realized God, the ocean of virtue. ||2||

The ego-centered is separated, far away from the Divine; and does not obtain the Mansion of His Presence, and burns. Egotism and falsehood are deep within; deluded by falsehood, one deals only in falsehood. Practicing fraud and falsehood, one suffers terrible pain; without the True Guru, one does not find the way. The foolish soul-bride wanders along dismal pathways; each and every moment, is bumped and pushed. The Great Giver, shows Mercy, and leads her to meet the True Guru, the Primal Being. Those beings who have been separated for countless incarnations, O Nanak, are reunited with the Divine, with intuitive ease. ||3|| Calculating the most auspicious moment, the Divine comes into the bride’s home; her heart is filled with ecstasy.

The Pandits and astrologers have come, to sit and consult the almanacs. They have consulted the almanacs, and the bride’s mind vibrates with bliss, when she hears that her Friend is coming into the home of her heart. The virtuous and wise men sat down and decided to perform the marriage immediately. She has found her Husband, the Inaccessible, Unfathomable Primal Lord, who is forever young; He is her Best Friend from her earliest childhood. O Nanak, he has mercifully united the bride with Himself. She shall never be separated again. ||4||1||

Sung in Rag Suhi, the deep crimson color of Love, today’s Hukam touches me at multiple levels.

Eyes mist. It is difficult to fully capture the essence of what I am feeling. Yet, I try.

Some words are too limiting to translate into the English language. Therefore, I have kept them in the original. Their beauty is astounding.

Bal Ram jeeo – A complete, fervent, willing, loving surrender to the One Universal Life – The Ultimate Love. In my world, I would translate it as – I adore You. I also feel that Bal Ram jeeo could be an invocation.

Nam – The primordial essence that binds the entire creation as one integral whole. It is used to express the essence of all existence.

“The essence of Nam is in all.” Siddh Gosht, Verse 50

Sabad and Nam at times seem to mean the same thing. But Siddh Gosht reveals that Sabad is the medium through which the ego is destroyed, allowing the Truth-Oriented individual (Gurmukh) to experience Nam. Nam is also the manifestation of Sabad.

Therefore, it is impossible to translate Nam in a single word when it has so many dimensions.
Sabad – Translating Sabad as the Sacred or Divine Word is very limiting.

“The Sabad is the Guru, and the awareness of its sound is the disciple.” Siddh Gosht, Verse 44
“Shbad is the medium through which Truth-Oriented individuals come to an understanding of Ultimate Reality – Ik Onkaar.” Siddh Gosht, Verse 58

Sabad is the Guru, the Eternal Guru or Ultimate Reality. Understanding, meditating on the Sabad gradually increases one’s awareness. This leads to a gradual overcoming of ego, which allows one to experience the Ultimate Reality – Ik Onkaar.

Other dimensions of Sabad:
– It softens the heart and makes it a place where evolving spiritual knowledge finds a receptive home
– A necessary aid for the attainment of Wisdom
– A revelation, which is experienced in the heart
– A means to realizing the “divine inner reality”
– The Ultimate Reality itself

Sharing my free verse translation of today’s Hukam.

The One Primordial, All-Encompassing, Creative, Sustaining,
Dissolving Essence, experienced through the Grace of the Divine Teacher.

The Divine Teacher
Channels me to
The Divine Reality.

My faults, my defects, are sold.
Remain, my virtues, my merits.
Bal Ram jeeo.

Ceaselessly meditate on
Nam – The Divine Reality.

Constantly, incessantly enunciate
Bal Ram jeeo.

When Sabad
Becomes Eternally Sweet
Transgressions disappear.

Ego, infirmity, disappears
Fear dissolves, in intuitive ease
In Awareness (The Experience) transpires.

Body cradled in Sabad
Effortlessly Divine Knowledge
The quintessence treasure transpires.

O Nanak:
Incessant peace emerges
Eternally merged.
The Fount of Purity Unifies. (1)

Truth, Contentment
Creates Pure Love.

The Divine Teacher
Engagement unveils.
Bal Ram jeeo.

Realized beings (in) intrinsic congregation
Resound Sabad.
Bal Ram jeeo.

Sabad permeates.
Highest Truth realized.



“I” pain disappears.
Soulful-peace pervades.
Pain-free becomes being.

O Nanak:
The Divine Teacher Graces
The One ascertained
– Virtuous, Infinite. (2)

Self-centered (beings)
(Experience) separation, distance.
True Home unattainable.
Bal Ram jeeo.

Within (them)
– Attachment
– Falsehood
– Duality
Bal Ram jeeo.

Profiting (in)
Falsehood, duality
Colossal sorrow experienced.
Without the Divine Teacher
Destination unreachable.

Alienated (from the) Path
Mystified fools experience
Continuous jostling.

The Divine One
In compassion
The Divine Teacher
To present
The Divine Reality.

O Nanak:
Lifetime of separations end.
In intuitive reverence
The Meeting transpires. (3)

The auspicious moment materializes.
The bride’s heart
Is imbued with a deep yearning.
Bal Ram jeeo.

Sages, scholars, emerge.
Blessings resound.
Bal Ram jeeo.

Hearing the blessings
Bride’s heart rejoices –
In anticipation of meeting
Her Divine-Husband.

Sages, scholars
Resolve to perform the
Wedding ceremony.

The Unreachable
The Unattainable
Eternally Immaculate
Childhood Soul-Mate
The Ultimate Reality
Realized within.

O Nanak:
Divine Grace arranges this Union.
United forever
Never to be estranged. (4)

Inni Kaur serves as the Chair on SikhRI’s Board of Directors. She is also the author of Journey with the GurusSakhi-Time with Nani ji Thank You, Vahiguru.


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