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Today’s Hukam, Darbar Sahib, Amritsar

Guru Arjan, Raag Dhanasare, Ang: 684

I am satisfied and satiated, eating the food of Truth. With my mind, body and tongue, I meditate on Nam. || 1 || True living is living in divine consciousness. Live in the congregation of saad sangat. || 1 || Pause || One is dressed in robes of all sorts, if one sings the Divine’s Glorious Praises, day and night. || 2 || One rides upon elephants, chariots and horses, if one sees the Divine’s Path within one’s own heart. || 3 || Submitting to the Divine, deep within one’s mind and body, slave Nanak has realized the Divine, the treasure of peace. || 4 || 2 || 56 ||

Breath tightens as I listen to today’s Hukam.
Guru is beyond kind.

Guru reveals the true essence of life.
Is it possible for love to amplify with every breath? For that is what I am feeling.

As far back as I can remember, there’s been a deep need within me to find out what life was all about. I just refused to accept that the purpose of life was only eating; sleeping; working; pro-creating; etc. there just had to be something more.

“My hungers and desires were satiated when I ate the food of Truth. Mind meditated on the One, body served the One, tongue chanted praises of the One Creator, Nurturer and Sustainer.”

(This is the food of Truth. The words from Anand Sahib resound within me: O my tongue, eyes, ears and hands: for what purposes were you created and what are you doing?)

What is life?

“True living is to live in the consciousness of the Eternal One and meditate in the congregation of Guru-oriented beings. (Reflect). Day and night sing the praises of the Eternal One.”

(Let every breath be a conscious breath; let every action be a conscious action; let every word be a thoughtful word. This is the message that I am hearing. It has a profound effect on me.)

“Ones, who sing the praises of the Divine, wears the true clothes of Grace. Within their hearts and minds they have recognized the Path and they ride on horses, chariots and elephants.”

(Listening to the Guru’s Word is riding the horse; accepting Guru’s Way is riding the chariot; incorporating Guru’s Wisdom is riding the elephant. The Guru-oriented beings that live this life-style care not for praise or slander. These are the chariots, the elephants, the horses that they are riding upon.)

“By meditating on Shabd deep within one’s consciousness, one finds endless Eternal Peace.”

Head bows….


Inni Kaur serves as the Chair on SikhRI’s Board of Directors. She is also the author of Journey with the Gurus.



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