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Tipping Point or Historical Blip?


Since the Panjab partition (1947), particularly after the 1984 events, the Sikh diaspora has been reflecting on the nature of its relationship with the homeland and India, the aspiration of Sikhs, and the place of the inherent sovereign spirit in Sikh daily life. 

This panel discussion revolves around the present scenario and central question: Was the recent Rajoana episode a tipping point in the revival of the Sikh sovereign spirit? Or was it yet another historical blip in the long legacy of Sikh cyclical prosperity and protest?

Who are the Panelists and the Moderator? 

Navkiran Kaur Khalra is an activist furthering the legacy of her father, S. Jaswant Singh Khalra, by confronting impunity in India. She continues to work first-hand with different stakeholders in the current struggle for justice. 

Rubin Paul Singh facilitates workshops on gurmat, history, and human rights. He regularly contributes to online Sikh publications and his own blog "spiritofthesikh." Rubin also serves on the board of trustees for the Sikh Coalition. 

Santbir Singh has been teaching and studying Sikhi from a young age. He helps organize and teach at youth retreats and conferences. He has a degree in sociology and political science, and currently works for the government of Canada. 

Inderpreet Singh is a hi-tech industry professional. With a zeal to learn and impart Sikhi, he is a regular speaker at Sikh youth camps and retreats. He serves as an advisor to Sikh Coalition and as Chairperson of the SikhRI Board of Directors.

Panelists : Navkiran Kaur Khalra, Rubin Paul Singh & Santbir Singh

Moderator : Inderpreet Singh 

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