The Sage Warrior

The Sage Warrior

The term “Sage Warrior” has invaded my consciousness. Not sure why. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

Does it contradict the worldly idea of spirituality? Not for me.

A warrior is a brave, chivalrous, experienced fighter; a sage is one who is imbued with profound wisdom. So, in essence, the Sage Warrior is one who fights her way beyond illusion and ignorance to embrace awareness and insight.

It is an inner feeling. A feeling of walking alone on the banks of a river, in tune with the elements. Silent. Serene. Unassuming, and yet willing to fight.

Is the Sage Warrior a mere symbol?

Symbols have great power. They contain more feeling than a thousand words put together.

And everything is feeling. Inner power is all in the way one feels and not in the way one thinks. And life is a reflection of one’s inner feelings.

Struggles to be authentic, real and true in a world that is enamoured by illusion. She disciplines herself to embrace this life with a more profound perception and wisdom. She has no desire to fight. She only seeks to walk on mountains, along lakes and streams, and to be one with all things.

She realizes: leaders are not leaders merely because they fight. Rather, leaders are leaders because they don’t have to fight.

Yet, the Sage Warrior fights. 

She fights to nullify the destructive forces of her ego. She fights to discipline her emotions and mind. She fights to step beyond the invisible fields of control. She fights for freedom. She fights for her essence to be her own.

Her journey is arduous. Her path may seem severe. Yet, she continues …

She never harms, for she is a healer. The Sage Warrior understands that the more warmth, wisdom and understanding she develops within, the more beautiful her life will be.

It is her eternal view.



Inni Kaur serves as the CEO of The Sikh Research Institute.

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