The Month of Vaisakh (April 13 - May 13) - Sikh Research Institute

The Month of Vaisakh (April 13 - May 13)

Glorious Vaisakh
Boughs adorned.

I, too,
Yearn adornment.

I hear

My mind is in constant turmoil? I long for serenity.

Look at nature, my child. Fauna and flora are preparing to blossom. Intuitively, they know their place in the cycle of life. Make the Divine your anchor. Serenity will flow.

I feel so lost, so disconnected.

When Maya engulfs consciousness, disconnect takes place.

What is Maya?

Anything that creates a barrier in experiencing your Divinity is Maya – an illusion.

I don't understand.

When the anchor in life is love of wealth, fame, family, that is Maya. One’s thoughts, words and deeds take on the color of Maya. It becomes the Master. It owns you.

On the other hand, when the Divine becomes the anchor, one’s thoughts, words and actions become Divine-oriented. Family becomes a Divine Gift. Wealth and fame become mere tools in this journey. Life takes on a different color. One marches to a different tune.

Decide: Who is going to be the anchor in your life? This choice is solely yours.

It’s going to be difficult.

Nothing of worth is easy. If you chose the Divine as your anchor, be prepared to be chiseled. Chiseling is painful. The fruit of this chiseling is serenity. It has its own unique fragrance. A life without fragrance is a wasted life. Look around you. An awakening in nature is taking place. The trees are being adorned with new leaves. Raise your consciousness. Connect with the Divine. Allow your creativity to also blossom and bloom.

Is the month of Vaisakh special?

All months, seasons, dates, days are special
All hours, minutes, seconds are special
All lead innately to the Divine
Raise your consciousness

Soak in Shbad
Await Union …


Inni Kaur is the CEO of the Sikh Research Institute.

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