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Did I Light Up?

Reflections on Guru Nanak’s Illumination   It was about 5:30 in the evening on Wednesday, the twenty-eighth of November. My...

Which Candle To Light?

Presented by Harinder Singh

Awakening to Purpose

Interested in an exploration of the Japji Sahib as a guide to a purpose driven life? This presentation examines some...

The Environment: Recognizing Creator in Creation

Presented by Jasmine Kaur & Harliv Kaur

With Whom Does my Allegiance Lie

Everyone says they are panthak or panthic (committed towards the betterment of the Panth) while the allegiance is varying. The...

Bringing Happiness Into Your Life

Liv The presentation explores: What is Happiness? Major obstacles to Happiness Attitudes and behaviors essential to Happiness What can I...

Life at Thirty-Eight

On 31 July 1972, I was given a graceful opportunity to land on earth. Being of the Creator and Creation,...

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