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Sooraj Above All

Is this progress? Or history will always repeat itself. Concerned explorer. Hatred/Intolerance is a personal human weakness, I can't blame it on any religion

ਓਹਾ ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਪਿਰੀ ॥ That Husband-Beloved’s Love

That Husband-Beloved’s Love. 1. Reflect.Gold, jewels, elephant-size pearls, rubies—no, nope, none.  1.No empire, opulence, power or indulgence;Craved not even a tiny bit.  2. In True congregation’s humble sanctuary and devotionThe comfort of comforts is obtained. Nanak: Burning vanishes uponExperiencing Husband-Beloved’s...

Honorable Commander-in-Chief: Hari Singh ‘Nalua’

Some people believed there was antagonism between the Jammu Dogras and Hari Singh. The revenue collection of Peshawar was in the hands of Gulab Singh Dogra. Yar Mohammad of Peshawar owed Rs 1.35 million to Lahore Darbar. Gulab Singh colluded...

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