SikhRI wraps up the largest Sidak in Canada to date. - Sikh Research Institute

SikhRI wraps up the largest Sidak in Canada to date.

Bridgewater, NJ [August 15, 2017] – Sikh Research Institute celebrated the success of yet another Sidak retreat, which ran from July 24 to August 4. Facilitators and participants from across North America, India and the UK gathered for two weeks at the Khalsa Centre in British Columbia to deepen their understanding of Sikhi.

As a flagship program, Sidak 2017 gave attendees a guided opportunity to connect to Sabad—the need of the hour. For when we are connected with Sabad, we can work on resolving Panthic issues, leveraging our diverse perspectives.

"I liked the history classes and Divan a lot. They provided context and inspired me to read more Gurbani and start reflecting on Sabad and Hukam.”

– Vijit Singh, Sidak 2017 participant

This year was also the first time many Sidakers got to experience the joy of singing in Guru's Darbar (Court), taking a Hukam (Command), and leading the Ardas (Prayer). SikhRI CEO Inni Kaur shared the benefits participants experienced, “Delving deep into the meaning of the Sabad, they were able to reflect on how it applies to their day-to-day life.”

“I love the way that we were explained the Hukam every day and some of the Sabads. It brought a new way of understanding Gurbani.”

– Keerit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sidak 2017 participant

Organized annually by SikhRI, Sidak is a two-week leadership development and community building retreat for young adults. Through three distinct tracks, students immerse themselves into Sikh history, theology, Gurmat, and art. This unique program is an opportunity to build strong relationships, discover and understand your inner self, and pursue a deeper meaning into living a Sikh-inspired life.

A transformative experience for hundreds of inquisitive minds since 2003, Sidak evolves year-to-year based on attendees’ feedback. For more information about Sidak or to learn about funding subsidies available to students, please visit

sidak-2017-painting.jpg Painting by a Sidak 2017 participant– Kiranpreet Kaur Sawhney

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