SikhRI wishes you a Guru-centered Vaisakhi! - Sikh Research Institute

SikhRI wishes you a Guru-centered Vaisakhi!

Dear fellow-travellers,

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

We wish you a warm, Guru-centered, and reflective Vaisakhi!

Today, we commemorate the momentous inauguration of the Khalsa Panth. Under the command of the One Sovereign Divine, old bondages of dharam (principles), karam (actions), janam (bondage of birth / caste origin), sharam (embarrassments of non-prestigious professions / status), and bharam (doubts) were eliminated, and we were made free, with sovereignty vested in us, the khalisah.

Khalsa asserted an individual’s right to dignity of life and liberty. Inspired by the Guru’s Sabad, it created social, political, and economic equity, and fought for the rights of everyone.

Khalsa is the one who …

kills the five (vices) and destroys doubt (duality) …

takes care of the poor and disciplines the wicked …

connects with the Divine and destroys bondage

climbs the horse and wages war daily

wears arms and punishes the wicked …

— Bhai Nand Lal “goya,” Tankhahnama

Since then, Sikhs have spread across the globe, promoting their socio-economic and civil rights, and exhibiting deep-buried hunger for sovereign expression through political representation. However, to move forward, we need to reevaluate our position and develop a response that seeks guidance from the Sabad Guru, and pointers from history.

While it is important to continue creating awareness about Sikh identity, we need to spend equal energy on understanding the Guru’s message. Only through educating ourselves in the Guru’s wisdom, we will be able to find the best expressions of our thought and identity.



At SikhRI, our focus is on Sikh education. We strongly believe that no activism can survive on mere rhetoric and enthusiasm. There needs to be a solid grounding of faith, awareness, and understanding first.

SikhRI works to present the Guru’s message and heritage in modern times. We produce Sidak (our leadership program), online courses, webinars, blog posts, podcasts, articles, lectures, research, educational social media materials, and much more.

All our efforts are supported by you, our community. If it’s important for you to see high-quality Sikh education available to everyone willing to learn, consider supporting SikhRI’s work.

O mind, you did not accomplish the only important task you had;

you did not praise the King, the Master of even the Raghu clan. 1. Pause …

Death has befallen the whole world including the doubting religious scholars.

Say Kabir, “Those who know loving devotion of the Divine, have become Khalse.” 4.

— Guru Granth Sahib, 655


Let’s all connect with the Guru,

Your Team at SikhRI

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