SikhRI successfully wrapped 17th annual Sidak. - Sikh Research Institute

SikhRI successfully wrapped 17th annual Sidak.

Released: August 13, 2019 &

Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is delighted to announce the completion of the 17th consecutive annual Sidak leadership program, which took place from July 21 to August 3 in Mission, BC. This unique program is an opportunity to build strong relationships, discover and understand your inner self, and pursue a deeper meaning into living a Sikh-inspired life.

"It [Sidak] impacted me to start thinking about the world around me by encouraging me to bring Gurbani and Sikh ideals into everyday life, which I did not do before. I am excited to continue understanding the meaning of Gurbani and taking inspiration from our history to apply it to my life."— Simran Kaur Virdi, NJ Sidak 2019

This year’s program brought together 32 Sidakers and 15 staff members and facilitators from seven nations (Australia, Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Sweden, USA) for two weeks of enlightenment at the Khalsa Centre in Miracle Valley.

As customary after every Sidak, testimonials and reviews from all participants were collected, and this year we are gratified by their positivity. Consider this response:

"The program allowed me to understand how since the beginning Sikhi developed as a social revolution and continued later on in order to create an egalitarian society where the goal was to empower the common people.  This program also allowed me to critically evaluate the major historical events and to develop a response to current events through the lens of Sikhi, including Gurbani, Tvarikh and Rahit. Learning the fact that Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not only a religious text but also the "political constitution" of the Sikhs has totally changed my worldview." — Sukhdeep Singh, Sweden, Sidak 2019

Or this reflection:

An amazing learning and un-learning experience. Helped fill a lot of gaps in my knowledge and correct prior misconceptions. — Amol Preet Singh, CA, Sidak 2019


During Sidak, all participants learned to explore personal and panthak issues through a Gurmat framework based on Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle) to ultimately develop their own views and solutions to pressing problems worldwide.



Many Sidakers got to experience the joy of singing in Guru's Darbar (Court), taking a Hukam (Command), and leading the Ardas (Prayer) for the first time. SikhRI’s Executive Director Inderjit Singh shared “that the sangat at Sidak acts as a catalyst in creating an atmosphere where glimpses of Guru inspired living become apparent to all.”


Sidak 2019 was composed of three in-depth tracks that ran simultaneously:

A transformative experience for hundreds who have invested in themselves since 2003, Sidak evolves year-to-year based on attendees’ feedback. For more information about Sidak or to learn about funding subsidies available to students, please visit



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