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SikhRI releases research on Gurduaras

Released: September 25, 2018 &

Sikh Research Institute has just released its third report in the State of the Panth series, exploring the issue of a widening disconnect between the Gurduara governance and the local sangat.

Titled Gurduara: A Sikh Place of Learning, the new report first discusses the social and historical meaning of the Gurduara through the notions of Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). These chapters show how even the notion of the Gurduara underwent significant changes over time across its five key uses — Learning, Hunger, Shelter, Health, and Security.

Gurduaras have played multifaceted roles throughout history, but the concept of a thriving community center is paramount to the progression of Sikh communities.

— Gurduara: A Sikh Place of Learning, p. 17

In the primary research phase, SikhRI has surveyed 1,172 self-identified Sikhs from 22 countries on their perspective regarding the role of Gurduaras in their lives. While the responses have largely confirmed the hypotheses related to the gap between the Gurduara governance and local sangat, it was surprising to see the similarities in answers among all age groups.

The unprecedented report from SikhRI utilizes a Gurmat-based framework to contextualize the central role that Gurduaras have played in the development of the Panth. It offers practical steps on how Gurduaras can truly become centers of personal and community transformation. Required reading for anyone active in their local sangat.

— Kulvir Singh, SikhRI President Canada

The report is then concluded with a list of recommendations, both on the individual and institutional levels, giving actionable insights to those willing to restore the original purpose of the Gurduara.

Download Gurduara: A Sikh Place of Learning today from the SikhRI website for free. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding the report or the State of the Panth series, please reach out to Parveen Kaur at



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The State of the Panth series is a report on Sikh matters presented by the Sikh Research Institute to the global Sikh community. The series reports on matters affecting either a large section of the Sikh Nation or a perspective on critical issues facing the human race at large. It surveys the self-identified Sikhs on their stances. It outlines a Sikh perspective based on Gurmat (the Guru’s Way) traditions of Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). It outlines recommendations for the individual Sikhs and Sikh institutions in best practice approach to strengthen the bonds within the community.

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