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SikhRI Reflects: It Is Wrong Now; It Was Wrong Then

On October 1st, 2020, Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) posted an article entitled “Circles of Influence, Circles of Abuse” that included references to Gurdarshan Singh and very serious misconduct that went largely unaddressed for many years. Many individual Sikhs, as well as Sikh institutions, are asking themselves what they should have done differently. SikhRI is no exception, and recent events have made us also pause and introspect. 

SikhRI conducted a review of its past association with Gurdarshan Singh and notes that based on the available records, he was involved with SikhRI between 2003 and 2009. Specifically, he was a facilitator at an October 2003 Grihast Retreat in San Antonio, Texas, and a presenter on a Liv online webinar in August 2009 entitled “Sikhi & Modernity”. He was also a member of an external committee reviewing concerns with the Sojhi curriculum in April 2009.

SikhRI profoundly regrets that we did not do its diligence into reviewing the facts that would have been available at the time and that the organization associated with Gurdarshan Singh during this period. SikhRI takes allegations of misconduct very seriously and is committed to addressing credible allegations involving those associated with the organization. SikhRI also supports the fostering of open and transparent environments that are safe spaces for victims to be empowered and to come forward.

SikhRI commends the victim’s family for their courage in this situation and respects their sincere approach to provide transparency and demand accountability. We also acknowledge the pain and suffering of victims and their families and are committed to playing our part to foster healing and accountability in the community.

SikhRI learned and grew through this conversation internally; we are recommitting to serving the Panth more compassionately and diligently.

May we all connect with the Wisdom-Guru for exemplary behaviors!

Board of Directors
Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI)
October 16, 2020


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