SikhRI is ready for 16th consecutive annual Sidak - Sikh Research Institute

SikhRI is ready for 16th consecutive annual Sidak

Released: July 10, 2018 &

Bridgewater, NJ [July 09, 2018] – Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) announces the general registration to participate in the 16th annual Sidak leadership development program, taking place July 22 – August 4 in Mission, B.C., Canada. With facilitators and participants from across North America, India, Sweden, Australia, and the UK, the two-week program provides immersion into the Sikh culture, language, values, and community.

“After attending Sidak last year, I felt that I not only improved my knowledge of the basics of Sikhi but began to develop a deeper connection and love for Sikhi that was not present before. I wanted Sikhi to give me a sense of feeling grounded no matter where I was or who I was with, and I feel like I began that journey.”

– Diveesh Singh, Sidak 2017 Alumni, returning this year for Gurbani 101



As a flagship SikhRI program, Sidak 2018 explores personal and panthak development through a Gurmat framework based on Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). The goal of Sidak is to ultimately develop Sikh thought leaders who will play critical roles in creating real, sustainable solutions to pressing panthak and world problems.

The Sidak program is composed of three in-depth tracks that run simultaneously:



Each year, prospective students are asked to pick one immersive track to focus on. But that’s not all — Sidak also schedules divans, workshops, exercises, and sessions geared towards leadership building and deep understanding of Sikhi.

Participants with families have an option of enrolling their kids (ages 6–12) in the Junior Sidak, which is full of engaging activities and runs in sync with other Sidak tracks.



“Sidak 2018 is special for us, as we have seven Sidak alumni returning to the program to deepen their understanding of Sikhi and seven facilitators who are also Sidak alumni. We are happy to welcome them back and humbled to have been able to foster such a supportive community around high-quality and open Gurmat-based education.”

– Inni Kaur, SikhRI CEO

Hundreds of students over the years claimed Sidak to be a transformative experience on their path to Sikhi. To register for Sidak 2018 or read more about the program, please visit



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