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SikhRI in UK – 2018

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Bridgewater, NJ [June 1, 2018]

Over the weekend of 25 -27 May, SikhRI presented multiple diverse programs in London, UK. It was an invigorating opportunity to engage with the sangat.

“A great talk by Inni Kaur, and so inspirational,” said Simrandeep Kaur Chahal, Sikh Studies Lead, Khalsa Primary School, Norwood. The Sohji curriculum has been a part of the Khalsa school’s Sikh studies unit. “Nurturing the Whole Child” presentation from a Gurmat perspective was shared with the educators.

At the London Smagam in Southall, SikhRI presented three talks: Evolution of Sikh art; The Khalsa Raj: Banda, Battles & Body Politic; and the Guru Granth Sahib: Ancient Treasure Revealed. Sabinder Singh, Guru Nanak Darbar, Southall wrote: “Just listened to Harinder Singh. A mind-blowing talk and definition of Guru Granth Sahib ji.”

A children’s story-telling session was also held at the Smagam. Jaspal Singh, a father of a 6 and 2-year-old from Stoke Poges said, “The children and adults found it entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking because the stores were addressing real-life issues from a Sikhi perspective. All this was done in a fun, positive and enjoyable manner.”


State of the Panth series report on “Anand Karaj: A Sikh Marriage” was also discussed on the Sunny and Shay show on BBC London radio. Additionally, a conversation intersecting academia and community was also held at the London School of Economics’ Faith Centre with the UK Sikh delegation. SikhRI also hosted a dialogue with local leadership on why SikhRI exists and the programs it offers towards building communities based on Gurmat traditions.

“Over the last ten years SikhRI has been delivering programs and has addressed issues of current relevance in the UK. Our engagement has been steadily increasing. With Gurpreet Kaur, a Sidak graduate as SikhRI’s new UK coordinator, we look forward to partnering and developing programs that have the potential to deliver long-lasting effects for the UK Sikh community,” said Inni Kaur, CEO of SikhRI.

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