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Sikh Sheroes & Heroes

When looking for inspiration in the form of a hero, many children will think of super heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. But why should we only admire these fictional super heroes?

Throughout Sikh history we have had many inspirational and real super heroes.
Please join Harliv Kaur, in this children's workshop, as we venture into the heroic tales of the Shaheeds. We will explore the super powers they used and take inspiration from their lives.

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Harliv Kaur is a Sojhi curriculum developer and teacher trainer with SikhRI. She has BA in Elementary Education from Upper Iowa University and specialized credentials in English as a Second Language from Kansas State University. At SikhRI, she has been an active courseware developer for the Sojhi Elementary School curriculum and creates programming for families and resource materials for educators. Besides her work with SikhRI, she founded Kikli, a company committed to developing fun and innovative tools for learning Panjabi including “Ik Chota Bacha & Other Sikh Nursery Rhymes,” a collaborative project involving the Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation. Harliv lives in San Antonio with her husband and 3 kids.



Gurduara Akaljot
1401 W Campbell Rd
Garland, TX 75044
United States
April 02, 2017 at 11:30am - 1pm

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