Sikh Art as an Educational Tool – SikhRI Webinar - Sikh Research Institute

Sikh Art as an Educational Tool – SikhRI Webinar

Kanwar Singh is globally recognized as a preeminent painter of Sikh history with artwork exhibited in prominent public spaces such as the Virasat e Khalsa museum in Punjab, as well as the new exclusive gallery ; Without Shape, Without Form; which permanently houses his extensive collection in Slough, U.K. His work focuses on the legacy of spiritual devotion and self-sacrifice spanning the lives of the ten Gurus and iconic Sikh heroes inspired by their deep connection to Waheguru. He captures. quintessential moments, which over centuries, have forged a dynamic Sikh community through its humble origins in Punjab, to its present standing as the world's fifth largest religion. The artist continues to build a legacy of work which gives Sikh history a prominent place on the walls of our homes and in the hearts of future generations.


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