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Sidak 2017 - Press Release

Released: March 03, 2017 &

For Immediate Release
March 3rd, 2017
Bridgewater, NJ

We are pleased to announce Sidak 2017, our 15th Annual Sikh Leadership Development Program from July 23 - August 5, 2017.

Sidak is a distinctive summer program for young adults (17-40 yrs.) seeking to increase their commitment towards Sikhi. This two-week intensive immersion into Sikh culture, values and community is held at the Khalsa Centre in British Columbia every year. Overlooking Miracle Valley, the 160 acre border of Khalsa Centre is enveloped in majestic trees on multiple lakes amidst breathtaking beauty in the lower mainland of British Columbia. To learn more about the campsite, please visit the Khalsa Centre website.

There are three tracks – Sikhi 101, Sikhi 201 and Gurbani 101 – that serve as key foundations of Sidak, other than sessions on leadership development and community building. These tracks and sessions are facilitated by SikhRI’s staff, board, volunteers and occasionally guest speakers. Each facilitator brings his or her own experiences, education and passions to the classroom sessions. The bonds that Sidakers form with each other and their instructors inspire them towards education and leadership long after the program has ended. This unique learning opportunity helps young adults discover their inner-self, build stronger relationships, and infuse Sikhi spirit in their future goals and successes.

Besides the classroom experience, there are daily divans, which allow participants to try out new skills, from learning how to do prakash and take a hukam to singing a sabad and conducting its viakhia. There are also organized activities in the afternoon like canoeing, archery, rope course, zip lining etc.

To make Sidak accessible to couples with young children, there is Junior Sidak, which allows entire families to participate in the program. Parents attend Sidak classes while their children get to know and interact with other children in a stimulating Sikhi learning environment. Junior Sidak runs during Sidak classroom hours, Monday through Friday. Kids enjoy arts and crafts, story time, nature walks, and other activities that emphasize the teachings of Sikhi in a fun, kid friendly space.  

This year SikhRI is organizing a special segment of the Junior Sidak program, named Sidak Junior Camp. Sidak Junior Camp is a new one week day-camp that will be running during the 2nd week of Sidak (July 31 – August 4), Monday through Friday. The camp is intended for local residents that want their children enriched in Sikhi based learning. Junior Sidak children will be a part of this camp too. The content will be derived from SikhRI's Sohji and Summer Curriculums. This year the theme of the Sidak Junior Camp is “Sabad Guru.” Both the Junior Sidak and Sidak Junior Camp are open to children 7-12 years old.

Since its inception, Sidak has hosted participants from Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and the United States. Read Sidak Stories and Inspirations / Sidak Videos by those who attended Sidak in the past. Come and experience the magnificence of Canada’s West Coast with mountains, woods and lakes; an ideal environment for introspection, reflection and learning.

For more information on specific tracks, leadership sessions, and enrollment process, please visit:




*Application Deadline: July 5, 2017

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