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Rising in Love

“Ranjah, I only see love. There is no Hir; there is no Ranjah.”

I wonder, “Is this rising in love?”

Mind drifts…

Eyes mist.

Tongue sweetens.

I am in the middle of a lake.




One cannot search for love. Love reveals itself.


When the boundaries within us melt; when we accept and embrace our imperfections; when we see the beauty of our true-identity (“sparks of Divine Light”), we experience love. 

Love is a purifying force.

The love that I am talking about is the Ocean that lies within the depth of our beings. And when we swim in this Ocean, we connect with all that is real and meaningful in life. The healing love, the generous love, the compassionate love, and the joyful love emerges.

Love is transformational. The transforming presence of love enables us to get intimate with the deeper truths that lie within us and connect to the living stream of Grace.



Sacredness enters us. 

Vastness enters us. 

Relationships change. The yearning to see the divine in each other, to experience the oneness through the union of two enters. Realization dawns upon us that we are not just bodies, we are the essence of love and truth.  

Sacredness is not a theory. It has very little to do with the critical mind. In fact, when the mind tries to “understand” sacredness, it is likely to fall short. That’s because the mind operates in duality. 

Sacredness is beyond separation; beyond the mind; beyond rational thinking.


Sacredness is the experience of no divisions; no resistance to what is; no tension; complete acceptance. 

In a sacred relationship, one practices “being with what is.” This means rising above the resistances that come up in the relationship. 

To truly understand sacredness, know that nothing can appear in our reality without us inviting it. A sacred relationship reflects our own personification of sacredness. We see through the eyes of who and what we are. 

Sacredness is felt through experience. It’s a knowing deep within, a knowing of who we really are.
When the heart and mind are in sync, we experience the sacredness of perpetual love and we live with a deeper awareness of the beauty and mystery of life.

Everything that life brings us carries an invitation to grow wiser, deeper and richer spiritually— even when it appears to be a tragedy; to rise and live in this awareness and to accept life’s challenges as a pilgrimage, as a personal awakening, as a gateway into a deeper wisdom. This is the walk to an awakened being.

Hir did that. She rose and in her love, Ranjha rose too. Therefore, their eternal love-story enjoys a unique place in the hearts of lovers.

May we be Graced to experience the sacredness within us!


Inni Kaur is the CEO of the Sikh Research Institute. She is also the author of ‘Journey with the Gurus’ series, ‘Sakhi-Time with Nani ji’, and ‘Thank You, Vahiguru.

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