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Rewriting the Era(z)ed Chapters: Chaurasi Then and Now (Liv Webinar)

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The talk will focus on the importance of revisiting carnage 1984 and addressing the contemporary concerns of the survivors. The importance and the methodologies both ethnographic and literary (such as collecting oral narrative, life writings and literary writings) to revisit '84 shall be discussed in detail. Also, how writing can be emancipating shall be discussed in light of the attempt made at creating new literatures and rewriting histories by authenticating the experience of Chaurasi will be elaborated with narration of certain short stories and poems.

About The Presenter:
Dr Ishmeet Kaur has varied interests ranging from Literatures of/from the Margins, Post-colonial Studies, Sikh Studies, Indigenous and Adivasi Literatures. She is also a poet and writes short stories both for adults and children. She was nominated as an “Inspired Teacher” for President of India’s in-residence program at Rashrapati Bhawan (June, 2015). She is also an Associate at IIAS, Shimla. She has lately published a book Texting the Scripture: Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Visionary Poetics of Patrick White (2016). She is an Assistant Professor of English in the Centre for English Studies at Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. At CUG, she has been engaged in teaching courses such as Marginality and Literature, Social Movements and Literature, Trauma and Violence Studies, Translation Studies and Research Methods.

gotowebinar - Online
October 21, 2017 at 12pm - 1:30pm

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