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Resistance in Sikhi: Directions from Bani & History

Join us as this afternoon as we look back at how the Gurus and Sikhs have historically confronted enemies of freedom, justice, and equal rights. The presentation will be followed by an open & interactive discussion on resistance in today's world.

Rooted in Bani, Inderpreet Singh will detail how Guru Ji outlines the values in Sikhi that inspire Sikhs to lead and participate in revolutionary movements. We will explore examples from history on how Sikhs organized and mobilized to make lasting change towards freedom, justice and equal rights for all. Amanpreet Singh will then facilitate a discussion based around current day issues and how to apply the framework of resistance, from the Guru's perspective, today.

Amanpreet Singh Kandola is an undergraduate student at Harvard University studying Computer Science and Statistics. He grew up in New York and enjoys music, sports, and engaging with Sikhi. Amanpreet is a Sidak Alumni member, attending the Sidak Leadership Program in 2016. He was able to share his passion for Sikh history with like-minded individuals. Amanpreet currently serves in the Sikh Students Association of Harvard as the President and hopes to continue being involved in the community in the future.

Inderpreet Singh is a technology professional focusing on networking, security and solution architecture. His passion is Sikhi and Sikh community related community projects and he is heavily involved with Sikh youth camps, retreats and conferences, where he conducts seminars, lectures and interactive workshops on Gurmat-related topics. Inderpreet has frequently spoken at Interfaith conferences and events. He is currently the Board Chair of the Sikh Research Institute (USA) and a Board of Advisor for the Sikh Coalition. Inderpreet grew up in India, Canada, Japan and the US and now he continues to grow in Chelmsford, MA.

Boylston Hall is located inside Harvard Yard, in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Join us in Room 105.



Boylston Hall - Room 105 - Harvard University
Boylston Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States
March 25, 2017 at 1:45pm - 4pm

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