Reflecting, Sharing, Caring, Amid COVID-19 –– The Sikh Cast | SikhRI - Sikh Research Institute

Reflecting, Sharing, Caring, Amid COVID-19 –– The Sikh Cast | SikhRI

Reflecting, Sharing, Caring, Amid COVID-19 –– The Sikh Cast | SikhRI listen here

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By now no one needs to tell anyone about the impact of this pandemic we are all experiencing with the coronavirus. There seems to me a lot of fear, anxiety, and confusion amongst many other things. Social distancing and the rapid changes that are taking place are making our daily lives difficult.

At times such as these, one needs to go back to their faith traditions to gain perspective and learnings. The wisdom from the Teachings will provide guidance on what we need to do with our feelings, our fears, our inconveniences, our reduced option for social connections.

Yesterday I read a sentence that made me pause,

“Any pain that is not transformed is always transmitted.”


It was sobering.

It made me wonder if this fear and loneliness could be a worse contagion that we are spreading unwittingly. It is more than ok to have feelings and to honor them. However, we just need to make sure that the feelings don’t have us and drown us.

I am not aware of any flu shot for feelings that is available just yet. Feelings of fear and confusion are part of the human condition. It is what we do with our feelings that can change things.

We as a community are connected with a genuine bond that is rooted in Sabad that social distancing cannot break. No hardship, no fear, no disease can ever stop us from experiencing Guru.

Are we brave enough to allow Sabad to enter us, to chisel us and hopefully to transform us by this Vaisakhi?



Inni Kaur is sharing her reflections on how we can each deal with the effects of social distancing amid the Covid-19 crisis, so we can maintain an intimate relationship with each other through Sabad.

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