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Prakash Purab of the Father of the Sikh Nation

Today is the prakash purab of the Father of the Sikh Nation, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib—the epitome of excellence, who encouraged fine taste in music, art, literature, and who nurtured the Sikhs along those same lines. Not only did Guru Sahib gift us the dignity of life, but also self-sovereignty, thus ensuring that the flame of Divinity and justice will forever remain burning.


In the words of Prof. Puran Singh, “…the greatest act of genius of Guru Gobind Singh was when he transferred the divine sovereignty vested in him to the God-inspired people, the Khalsa.”


Nobel laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner, Pearl S. Buck describes this great phenomenon thus, “The creation of the Khalsa was the greatest work of the Guru. He created a type of superman, a universal man of God, casteless and country-less… the spearhead of resistance against tyranny.”


This one unparalleled act in history made women and men of the Guru, masters of their own conscience, the torch bearer of political equality, social justice and spiritual freedom. His phenomenal earthly journey was filled with more than twenty battles espousing this cause of Guru Nanak Sahib’s house.


While celebrating the day, let’s also educate ourselves on the Guru’s message and work towards strengthening Guru-Khalsa Panth, the collective of the Divine-Inspired.

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