Panjabi Poets Saluting ‘Emperor-Prophet’ - Sikh Research Institute

Panjabi Poets Saluting ‘Emperor-Prophet’

Discussed topics:
• Context of 350th Prakash Purab (Illumination Day) Commemorations
• Tribute to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, Nanak the Tenth Sovereign
• Sikh, Hindu and Muslim Poets from Land of Five Rivers
• Celebration to mark World Poetry Day on 21 Mar 2017
• Life, Legacy & Impact on Panjab, South Asia, and Globe

About the Presenter:
Harinder Singh is a widely respected educator and thinker who is deeply in love with 1Force, the Oneness that radiates in all. Mr. Singh co-founded the Sikh Research Institute and the Panjab Digital Library, organized the Free Akal Takht movement, and envisioned Kaur and Singh Academy. He is an author and sought after public speaker, raising consciousness of audience around the world.

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